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ATHENA serves clients in two primary roles:



Our team of consultants has a combined 100+ years of experience delivering strategic and regulatory consulting services to clients across sectors, geographies and industries.

Federal Government, Municipal Government, Insurance Funds, Higher Education, Non-profit Institutions and Commercial Clients



We serve as your go-to collaborative partner, bringing our actuarial expertise, diverse perspective, and project management expertise to bring out the best in your team and create a cohesive and impactful experience for your clients.

Accounting Firms, Consulting Firms, Insurance Companies, Financial Advisors

Strategic Partner

We are currently seeking clients and strategic partners who are energized by our values and excited by our capabilities. Interested in becoming an ATHENA client or partner? Send us a message!



We recently expedited the performance of OPEB actuarial valuation services for a self-insured health insurance fund. The RFP indicated that the information was due eight months after the contract start date. Upon award, the client’s auditors notified us that there was an internal misunderstanding, and the information was due immediately. We worked with our client to accelerate our timing, even pulling in additional short-term resources to increase efficiency. In the end, we prepared the four match valuations, collected data as painlessly as possible, and prepared four full valuation reports in just six weeks total. Our client was very satisfied with the result and the minimal effort it placed on their team.

Stepping up to the plate in situations like this is part of our ATHENA culture. We are ready and willing to do what we can to exceed your expectations and remain within your budget.

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