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ATHENA provides innovative, industry-proven, and data driven results for clients’ pension and retirement programs. Trust us with the financial future of your workforce to provide quality service and reliable results from traditional valuation services to strategic plan design.

Adrienne has been a great actuarial partner to us. She is able to translate complex actuarial concepts into layman's language and tailor it to the audience, which has been necessary when briefing a variety of stakeholders — from upper management to IT experts to financial interns. Our retirement plans have some unique complexities and Adrienne has been able to quickly grasp the concepts, understand the level of detail required for reporting and audit purposes, and develop innovative ways to address our needs. Because our plan populations are primarily annuitants, Adrienne's participation in the SOA mortality committee has been helpful and informative during our recent experience study and as we evaluate future impacts of mortality.

— Federal Client

Our team is passionate about providing top-tier service across sectors, geographies and industries. Choose ATHENA for personable service, custom approaches, and human-centric solutions for your most pressing workforce issues.

Pension Valuation Services

As an actuarial consultant, we can perform full valuations start-to-finish, delivering sleek, transparent reports for our clients.

  • Government: GASB 67/68, SFFAS 5/33

  • Corporate: ERISA with ASC 715, IAS 19, single-employer and multiemployer

  • Individuals and Small Businesses: Defined Benefit, Cash Balance


Whether performing a formal audit or an independent actuarial review, we can provide the objective, comprehensive perspective required for these engagements.

  • Actuarial Audit under state-mandated statutes

  • Audit Support

  • Experience study review and/or replication

Pension Administration

Our team is experienced in full-scale pension administration, pension calculation review and remediation, and administrative reviews to identify operational risks and inefficiencies.

  • Benefit Calculations 

  • Benefit Statements

  • Calculation Reviews & Remediations

  • Pension Administration Review

Supplementary Pension Services 

We are able to provide cost-efficient auxiliary services to plans going through one-time events or strategic changes.

  • Plan Termination Support

  • Employee Call Centers

  • Analyses around Mergers & Acquisitions



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