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ATHENA strives to support employers in delivering high-quality, efficient healthcare to employees and their families.

Our team is passionate about providing top-tier service across sectors, geographies and industries. Choose ATHENA for personable service, custom approaches, and human-centric solutions for your most pressing workforce issues.


Our team performs services across the Medicaid ecosystem to support large state programs as the extension of larger consulting teams. We combine our quant-heavy data analytics and actuarial skillsets with our strategic on-the-ground consulting to help clients make decisions based on the full picture of all the beneficiaries of their program.

  • Actuarial Services

  • Data Analytics

  • Data Visualization

  • Strategy Consulting


Post-retirement Medical Valuation

Our team of health and retirement actuaries specializes in preparing valuations for Post- Retirement Medical (PRM) or Other Post Employment Benefit (OPEB) plans and the accompanying financial disclosures.

  • Government: GASB 74/75

  • Corporate: FAS 106/ASC 715​


Our health actuaries are able to analyze historical claims, plan provisions, and anticipated future experience. Our analysis includes review of trend, rebates, administrative fees, reserves, and other unique plan and industry features.

  • Medical

  • Prescription

  • Dental



Our team is skilled in preparing Incurred But Not Reported (IBNR) analysis for a variety of plan types.

  • Medical

  • Prescription

  • Dental


Healthcare Strategy

We align our strategic advice to our clients’ goals, whether the primary focus is cost savings, risk reduction, or benefit security. Our collaborative and creative approach to supporting our clients results in thoughtful, thorough and sustainable solutions that benefits our clients and their employees.

  • Plan Design

  • Claims Analysis



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