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Our tenured consultants have decades of experience consulting human resources departments across the private and public sectors through challenges related to strategy and operations.

Our team is passionate about providing top-tier service across sectors, geographies and industries. Choose ATHENA for personable service, custom approaches, and human-centric solutions for your most pressing workforce issues.

Strategy & Operations

Whether it’s taking a step back and looking at your department’s overall operations or honing in on a specific problem, our team is ready and able to create customized, sustainable solutions.

Data Remediation

Running into data issues? Our team of actuaries and analytics professionals are experts in all elements of data. We have a tried-and-true framework that we rely on to identify the root problems of the data issues, implement a corrective action plan, and set up processes and procedures to proactively avoid future issues.

Benefit Communications

Our strategic partnership with CG Studios combined with our in-house benefits experience gives us a winning combination of design and technical expertise to communicate benefit information in a clear an actionable manner. Our clients are spending top-dollar to take care of their employees and we want to make sure that the value that they are providing their employees is clear.



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