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Announcing the ATHENA Board of Advisors

At ATHENA, we are constantly challenging ourselves and our industry to think of new, innovative ways to provide high quality service to our clients. We view strong leadership and guidance as a crucial part of our growth at ATHENA and in staying true to our goal of aligning our actions with our overall mission, vision, and values. With this in mind, we officially have begun forming an ATHENA Board of Advisors. This group of advisors will include highly qualified industry experts and thought leaders strategically chosen to help steer us in the right direction along our journey as a new and growing company.

We are very excited to announce the first official member of the ATHENA Board of Advisors, Sherry Chan, FSA, EA, MAAA, FCA! Ms. Chan has over 20 years of leadership in strategic policy, operations, relationship management, and communications.

Ms. Chan currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer of Atidot, a $20+ million funded insurtech startup. Before working with Atidot, Ms. Chan was unanimously chosen by New York City elected officials and union presidents to serve as the City’s 5th Chief Actuary in its 100+ year history, making her one of the highest ranked Asian-American officials in the City’s administration. In this role, Ms. Chan managed the actuarial work for one of the world’s largest municipality pension plans with 800,000 participants.

We are thrilled to be welcoming Ms. Chan as our first member of the ATHENA Board of Advisors and are confident that her actuarial expertise, industry knowledge, and past positions of leadership will be an excellent fit in helping pave the way to success for ATHENA!

Please read more about Sherry Chan here: Our Team | Athena Actuarial Consulting | USA

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