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The Antidote to the "Great Resignation"

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Two years into the greatest uncertainty of our lifetimes, it is clear that the power dynamic has shifted from employer to employee. Gone are the days, weeks or months when employers could stay the course, promise that we will "return to normal" and hope that employees will hold out until we get through these "unprecedented times". Employees have harnessed their power, choosing family and self over the blind loyalty that we had witnessed during pre-pandemic times.

In a time when companies are not able to connect with their talent, ATHENA is experiencing a phase of exponential growth. Why have our employees made the jump to join an up-and-coming woman-owned consulting firm? Is it our 100% virtual environment? Our "Most Valuable Athenian" award in the Friday round-up? Is it our commitment to learning and growing as individuals as a team? We are taking this opportunity to turn the tables and ask members of the team to answer for themselves.


Why Athena?

Lauren Holec

I joined ATHENA because of all the opportunities it presented for me: the opportunity to see how a business can be grown from the ground up based on strong common values and a “for the team” employee dynamic, the opportunity to focus time back on myself and my education, having the time to focus on my master’s degree while working at a part-time capacity that is respected by leadership has proven invaluable to me. Finally, for the opportunity to be seen and heard at a company where one of its core values is the employee experience. I am working on daily tasks at ATHENA that bring me energy and make me excited to come to work each day, which makes me that much more capable of producing high-quality work.

Arius Johnson

I joined ATHENA after more than three years of feeling lonely and directionless at a big consulting firm. The pandemic exacerbated these feelings of alienation and fatigue, as weekly team meetings fell to the wayside and discussion about employees’ mental health was all but forgotten. When I learned about ATHENA’s commitment to putting people first, giving workers the power to set their own schedules and take wellness breaks as needed, I knew I needed to be here. In my brief time at ATHENA so far, I can already say I’m extremely privileged to work alongside women and to help shape the virtual office culture of ATHENA through events that celebrate our diversity and experiences.

Veronica Fontama

I am a proud actuary. I light up when I am in a gathering with other actuaries sharing their exam stories. Seventeen years into the profession, I have had the honor to work across several sectors, insurance, corporate and consulting. Each of these comes with advantages and disadvantages. Insurance companies and corporations are great for work-life balance but not so much for variety of work. Big traditional consulting firms offer a myriad of assignments, but work culture can be challenging for those perceived as not fitting the mold.

I joined Athena Actuarial Consulting Ltd because it is offering a new kind of consulting environment, variety of work in a supportive environment. Adrienne Ostroff, our founder, is championing a collaborative-style of work environment where not just clients but also employees are treated fairly. ATHENA believes everyone is capable and everyone can succeed if treated with dignity & respect and given the opportunity to learn. ATHENA recognizes that everyone didn’t start from the same place, as eloquently outlined in this article A-Tale-of-Two-Actuaries. ATHENA is committed to mentoring, coaching, and building a whole person. If anything, the pandemic has shown us that employees want more. ATHENA has listened and is embarking on a journey to build from both perspectives – clients and employees together. Like most industries, the future of consulting rest in the hands of employees and their views and demands are taking center stage.

Olivia Faria

When I found out that ATHENA was a woman-owned business going out of their way to support other woman-owned businesses, I knew I wanted to take part. The passion to treat people as people in the workplace drew me in because it lines up with my core values as a young mother of three. At ATHENA, I feel respected, valued, and seen. I have more confidence in my stride knowing that I am working for go-getters who genuinely desire the best for their clients.

Tracy Gantz

I joined ATHENA after 17 years of industry experience. I’ve experienced big, medium, and small firms. Over the years, I’ve experienced healthy, unhealthy, and healing environments. I’ve experienced my voice being celebrated, and I’ve experienced my voice being silenced. I’ve been poured into by incredible mentors, and I’ve been belittled and had credit stolen for my high-quality work. I’ve experienced the absolute best and the absolute worst of what corporate America has to offer.

I joined ATHENA because I’m being asked to pull up a seat to the virtual table and make the days of our clients and our people better. I’m being asked to pull up a seat to help make the ungroomed path clearer for those that have been overlooked or cast aside. I’m here because this is my opportunity to walk the walk and make an actual impact on DE&I, not just create a post about it and then go back to business as usual. I’m here for those that weren’t given the same opportunities due to socio-economic background, race, religion, or gender. I’m here to make the workplace more friendly to minorities, women, and mothers. I’m here to promote full living and full wellness to our people. And finally, I’m here because I’m convinced that these efforts will lead to the most innovative, most creative, and highest quality outcomes to our clients and their people.

Leslie Buraczyk

As ATHENA’s first actuarial intern, I have experienced first-hand the importance of working at a company that prioritizes taking time to develop their employees' skills and is devoted to creating a healthy and inclusive environment. I chose ATHENA because I knew that I would get the best hands-on experience possible that I need as an intern to grow and learn in the actuarial profession. It has always been important for me to put myself in an environment that is ambitious, goal oriented, and challenging. I look forward to “going to work” remotely, working alongside incredible mentors, and being a part of a team that is committed to learning and growing together.

We are so humbled and grateful for the growing ATHENA family and cannot wait to see what this team will do in the coming years.

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